Sites that are Cool


fishbulb42's page
Ya know...yeah. C'est chouette.

Minor Reality
A fellow Keenspace cartoonist who put me on his picks list for March. :) The comic's neat, too.

Another fellow Keenspace cartoonist who likes and links to here. Another strip worth checking out. :)

Strange Breed
A long running, one panel strip that almost has a somewhat 'Far Side' feeling to it, yet is amazingly creative and original. Definitely worth a visit and a laugh! 

Blotto Street
An awesome strip about college in Britain. Don't get drunk, don't bedhop, just get Blotto.

Blue Canary
A college newspaper strip about two roomies who are much more different than they expected, and a nightlight magically brought to life.

Heee!!! Comic which (used to) feature Vash-sama!!!

 Halo Lockdown
Interesting comicbook style storyline, with some awesome art. Gonna have to do some fanart for it...

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